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Hit by a Driver While on Your Motorcycle?

Get aggressive representation for your case. Collisions involving motorcycles can result in serious injuries or even death. The injuries are often extensive and the person on the motorcycle is left to deal with medical bills, while unable to work. The attorneys at Rutzick Law Offices represent injured clients harmed in motorcycle accidents in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding communities.
A variety of factors can lead to a motorcycle accident; if the accident is caused by inattentive driving, failure to yield, or drunk driving by the other driver, this is negligence. The injured party has the right to seek compensation for injuries caused by negligent driving, and it's important to get help from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney for the best outcome possible.
If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle collision, call Rutzick Law Offices to obtain the compensation you deserve; there is no reason to suffer due to someone else’s mistake. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys are well-versed in accident law to provide the aggressive legal representation and peace of mind you need. Our goal is to settle your case and to help you move on with your life.
The attorneys at Rutzick Law Offices offer a FREE consultation to people injured in motorcycle accidents in the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding communities. We understand that taking unnecessary trips is painful and stressful for our injured clients, so for this reason, we offer home and hospital visits. Please contact us at 651-221-1022 to schedule your consultation.
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