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When boaters act carelessly or recklessly, accidents happen. Boating accidents cause serious and life-threatening injuries or fatalities to other boaters and passengers. The experienced attorneys at Rutzick Law Offices represent clients injured in boating accidents for clients in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding communities.
Boating accidents usually involve speeding and other reckless behavior. Boating is a recreational and social activity, but unfortunately, this means that drugs or alcohol are often involved in reckless boating and accidents. When you're hit by a negligent or drunk boater, you should be compensated for your injury, its related expenses, and pain and suffering.
The well-being of your family is contingent upon your ability to work and provide for the family. After sustaining serious injuries in boating accidents, people often find they are unable to work and faced with expensive medical bills. You and your loved ones should not suffer financial consequences in addition to the physical injury. A boating accident attorney from our firm can fight for the compensation you deserve.
After boating accidents, it's not uncommon for people to feel confused and unsure about what to do, that’s why we offer a FREE consultation with an attorney, so you can get the advice you need to move forward. Please browse our website to learn more about the legal services we provide for our injured clients in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding communities. Contact Rutzick Law Offices at 651-221-1022 for your FREE consultation.
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